Palanacki Kiseljak Spa


On the south-east periphery of Smederevska Palanka – north-east Sumadija, 80 km south of Belgrade – on the left bank of the River Jasenica lies the Palanacki Kiseljak Spa.

Palanacki Kiseljak Spa

The waters of this Spa belong to the category of sodium-hydrocarbonate, carbon-mineral hypo-thermal (12.5° – 15°C) and hyper-thermal (32° – 56°C) waters. These waters are used in balneology by drinking, bathing and as table water.
According to traditional tales, these mineral springs have been used since ancient times. The first written note was left by the Turkish traveller Evlia Chelebia, who in 1729 described this spa as an “walled spa containing mineral water”.

Later writings indicate that by the request of Prince Milos Obrenovic “six pitchers of mineral water from Palanka” were sent to Vienna in 1834 to be analyzed, and already by the middle of October that same year, the confirmation of the medicinal properties of this water was received. This was the reason for refurbishing of the most important of the springs. (Mineral water of Palanacki Kiseljak Spa is one of the six Serbian mineral waters which were first tested in the laboratories of the Medical Faculty of Vienna in 1834). Further analyses were conducted in 1851 – when dr. Lindenmeier published a study on Palanacki Kiseljak Spa – and again in 1885, confirming the medicinal qualities of this water, after which it has become appreciated by the patients suffering from illnesses related to digestive tract. (More detailed chemical analyses were conducted in the period from 1923 to 1933.)

By the end of the 19th century, in 1896, reconstruction of this Spa was undertaken to make it a helath resort. That year, the state gives the springs to the Red Cross organization – for the purpose of treating soldiers and officers who fell ill during the war – which remained the particular function of the Spa until the Second World War. The same year, 1896, exploitation of the mineral water for the market began, and in 1910 a restaurant and the Spa officesi were built and the park landscaped…

The present-day Palanacki Kiseljak Spa was formed in 1972 when another hot-water spring was set up in the space occupied by the other ones, when the facilities in which mineral water is used for therapeutical purposes, under supervision of medical experts, were erected.
Treating of patients with the use of mineral water and with application of contemporary balneological procedures is organized under the supervision of the Physical and Rehabilitation Service of the Medical Centre in Smederevska Palanka, the premises of which are located in the core of the Spa park.
Patients have at their disposal mineral water pools, special bathtubs, four-fold steel bath tubs, saunas, halls for various types of electro, photo, thermal, kinesis and work therapies… In the park, (5 ha) there are sports courts, an Olympic pool, jog ging paths…

Soiorun of the guests in the Palanacki Kiseljak Spa can be complemented with excursions to the picturesque surroundings rich in cultural and historical values: Pokajnica (18 km), Topola and Oplenac (28 km), Bukovicka and Selters Spas (30 km), the monasteries of Koporin i Manasija, to Smederevo fortress as well as to other monuments and endowments, all in the range of 50 Ion. Palanka is in the vicinity of Kudricko, Vlaskodolsko and Pinosava Lakes, Mikulja forest hunting reservation with a hunters’s lodge and a restaurant; to the village of Krnjevo and its famous wine cellar.

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